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War - Links to Information

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WAR - Links to Information (INDEX; Watchtower Online Library)

War (Insight-2 pp. 1166-1170; Watchtower Online Library)

War (Search Results From the Watchtower Online Library)

Why Don’t Jehovah’s Witnesses Go to War? (JW.ORG)

European Court Upholds the Right to Conscientious Objection (JW.ORG)
JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES around the world are well-known for their neutral stand when it comes to the politics and wars of any nation. They firmly believe that they must “beat their swords into plowshares” and not “learn war anymore.” (Isaiah 2:4) They do not interfere with those who choose to serve in the armed forces. But what if the conscience of a Witness does not permit him to serve in the military, yet the country in which he lives makes it mandatory?

What is the difference between war in Biblical times and warfare today? (Jehovah's Witnesses Questions and Answers)

What is the crucial difference between "biblical" or 'good' warfare and the wars between nations today? (Jehovah's Witnesses Questions and Answers)

What is the war of Armageddon and does the use of the name Armageddon (Har–Magedon) mean that the war will be fought at a literal Mountain of Megiddo? (Search For Bible Truths)

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