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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Features of the Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY

The Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY is a very helpful tool for newly interested ones and experienced publishers alike. In addition to the helpful search box found there, here are some of the main features that can assist in your navigation available to date:

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Daily Text
Examining the Scriptures Daily

Subject Index From the Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY:
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Scriptures Examined From the Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY:

Hebrew Scriptures

Genesis   Exodus   Leviticus   Numbers   Deuteronomy   Joshua   Judges   Ruth  
1 Samuel   2 Samuel   1 Kings   2 Kings   1 Chronicles   2 Chronicles   Ezra   Nehemiah Esther   Job   Psalms   Proverbs   Ecclesiastes   Song of Solomon   Isaiah   Jeremiah Lamentations   Ezekiel   Daniel   Hosea   Joel   Amos   Obadiah   Jonah   Micah   Nahum   Habakkuk   Zephaniah   Haggai   Zechariah   Malachi

Greek Scriptures

Matthew   Mark   Luke   John   Acts   Romans   1 Corinthians   2 Corinthians   Galatians   Ephesians   Philippians   Colossians   1 Thessalonians   2 Thessalonians     1 Timothy   2 Timothy   Titus   Philemon   Hebrews   James   1 Peter   2 Peter   1 John 2 John   3 John   Jude   Revelation

Navigation Languages

Chinese (Simplified) - 汉语简化字    Chinese (Traditional) - 漢語繁體字

Croatian - Hrvatski    Czech - čeština    Danish - Dansk    Dutch - Nederlands   

Efik - Efịk    English - English    Finnish - suomi    French - Français   

Georgian - ქართული    German - Deutsch    Greek - Ελληνική   Hungarian - Magyar

Igbo - Igbo    Indonesian - Bahasa Indonesia    Italian - Italiano    Japanese - 日本語

Korean - 한국어    Lithuanian - lietuvių kalba    Malagasy - Malagasy 

Norwegian - Norsk    Polish - polski    Portuguese - Português    Română - Română

Russian - русский    Sesotho - Sesotho    Spanish - Español    Swahili - Kiswahili

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