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Monday, July 29, 2013

Why Do Jehovah's Witnesses Have an Organization?

Many have been misled by the false claim by Catholics and Protestants that the early Christian Church was unorganized. But this idea requires us to be ignorant of the Bible's explicit teachings.

God has always used an organized teaching method to disseminate his Truth. There was ONLY one means to properly worship God and that was by associating with his people who were "entrusted with his word" (Rm.3:1-2). Throughout Bible times salvation was extended only through God's organization and its representatives (2Chron.6:32-33; Num.15:15-16).

The Hebrew and Greek words (QAHAL, ECCLESIA) are better translated as "congregation" and ALWAYS denote an organized body or group (Mt.16:18; Ac 5:11; 11:22; Rm.16:5). See standard lexicons (cf. BDB, TWOT).

The "congregation" would be organized and united in doctrine, not individuals spread out (Ac 2:42; 20:28; Mt.28:19,20; 2Tim.2:1-2; 1Cor.1:10; 12:12-26).

In the Apostolic age, all true believers were gathered into one organized "body" of believers (Jn.17:20-21; 10:16; Rm.12:3-5; Phil.1:27). Christ is "the head of the body, the congregation" (Col 1:18; cf. 3:15;Eph 4:1-6)."One body" in scriptures indicate an organization in unity and togetherness. The term "unity" as applied to the Christian congregation also implies one organized group (Jn.17:20-21; 10:16; Ac 15:25; 1Cor.1:2,10).

Paul identified this organized channel when he wrote that the "congregation," God's "household," was "the pillar and support of the truth" (1Tim.3:15; Eph.3:10, 11; 1Pt.1:11-12; 2:8-10). He wrote that "there might be made known *THROUGH THE CONGREGATION* the greatly diversified wisdom of God, in connection with the Christ" (Eph.3:10,11; Jn.6:67,68; Heb.13:17).

The Bible outlines an ORGANIZED congregation: First a "governing body" of experienced spiritual men oversee the worldwide evangelizing work (Ac.15:2,6,7,22-31; 16:4,5; 8:14, Gal 2:9). Each congregation was taught and organized by a group of spiritual men who are "elders" (PRESBYTER) or "overseers" (EPISKOPOS) and "ministerial servants" (DIAKONOUS, 1Tim.3:1-13; Tit.1:5-9; 1Pt 5:2,3).

The True Christian organization would have this Biblical organizational structure.

They were taught from one authoritative body (Ac.2:42; 16:4, 5; Jd 17). Within this FOLD, "All would agree" on doctrine and accepted no divisions (1Cor.1:10; Phil.2:2; Rm.16:17; 1Th 4:1,2; 2Th 3:14; Tit 1:4-5,11,13; 3:10,11; 1Tim.1:3,19,20; Jd 3-4). Those that did not were removed from fellowship (1Thes.4:1,2; 2Thes.3:14; Heb.13:7,17; Php.2:12).

This is demonstrated for us in the conflict over the Mosaic Law. The matter was sent to the authoritative body in Jerusalem. This group examined the Scriptures and looked at the activity of the Holy Spirit and made a decision and sent it to all congregations (Ac 15:23-29). The decision was called a "decree" (DOGMA) and was binding on all congregations (Ac 16:4). This is theocratic organization since it is controlled by what God has revealed in His Word.

So JWs pattern our organization after that indicated in the Bible (Ac.15:2,6,7,22-31; 16:4,5; 8:14; Gal 2:1,2,9).

SOURCE: This is an answer by BAR_ANERGES to a question at Yahoo Answers.

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