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Friday, August 30, 2013

Did Charles Taze Russell Really Profit From 'Miracle Wheat'?

As usual any accusations of wrongdoing on the part of Russell and the early Witnesses [concerning this] are
completely false & deliberately dishonest.

The fact is that the name “Miracle Wheat” and its promotion was originated by a non-Witness; K.B. Stoner. So if this type of criticism should be against other religions since it was one of their members who promoted the idea of Miracle Wheat!!

Other non-Witnesses experimented with this wheat and found it produced extraordinary yields. Miracle Wheat won prizes at several fairs. Then in 1907, H. A. Miller, Assistant Agriculturalist of the US Government, filed in the Department of Agriculture a report commending this wheat grown by Mr. Stoner. This was documented countrywide by the press.

Years later, in 1911, a couple of WT readers contributed about thirty bushels of this wheat, proposing that it be sold as a means of donating to the work. The wheat was actually sold by the WTS for LESS THAN it was being sold normally! The Society itself made no claim for the wheat on its own and the money was used for the Christian missionary work.

The only critics were those religious enemies of the Bible Students who had no real knowledge of the matter. There was no difference in what the WTS did than what other religions do with their raising donations with church cake sales.

Despite this, all who had contributed were informed that if they were dissatisfied their money would be returned. But not one person asked for a refund.

Russell's enemies later charged that he realized an enormous personal profit. However, these charges are absolutely false and the gross receipts from it only amounted to about $1,800. Further, the facts of history and all evidence show that Russell did not profit from ANY religious contributions. He actually spent his own fortune in publishing Bible based information.After his death it was recorded: "He devoted his private fortune entirely to the cause to which he gave his life. He received the nominal sum of $11.00 per month for his personal expenses. He died, leaving no estate whatsoever."

No financial profit is made by any members of the Governing Body, officers of its legal agencies, or other prominent persons associated with the organization as a result of the work of JWs.

I think the "compensation" now is room and board and a little over $100 a month. This is what both the corporate president and the janitors get. And this is provable in legal papers and court cases. This means "a room" too, not a house or a mansion!!

I challenge any other religious organization to make the same claim as to their corporate presidents, or their local preachers!!

SOURCE: This is an answer by BAR_ANERGES to a question at Yahoo Answers.

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(Quotes From the 1975 Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses, pp. 70-1, and The Watch Tower, February, 15, 1913, page 62)

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