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Monday, March 20, 2017

JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES: April 11th, 2017 Memorial Invitation (Location Link)

Centuries ago, a divinely inspired prophet foretold the time when man would be at peace with nature. Illness would be eliminated. Families would build their own houses, plant their own fields, and enjoy the fruits of their labors.—Isaiah 11:6-9; 35:5, 6; 65:21-23. Jesus performed powerful works that showed on a small scale how such prophecies will become a global reality. His death was fundamental to the future elimination of every cause for sorrow. So important was Jesus’ death to the fulfillment of God’s purposes that Jesus commanded his disciples to commemorate it. —Luke 22:19, 20. 

This year, according to the Bible’s lunar calendar, the anniversary of Jesus’ death falls on Tuesday, April 11. Jehovah’s Witnesses invite you to meet with them on that date to listen to an explanation of how his death can benefit you and your family.

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