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Friday, April 26, 2013

New World Translation Bible (NWT) - Links to Information

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NEW WORLD TRANSLATION OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES - Links to Information (INDEX; Watchtower Online Library)

NEW WORLD TRANSLATION (Search Results From the Watchtower Online Library)

Responses To Questions Concerning The New World Translation:

Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Have Their Own Bible? (JW.ORG)

How Can I Access a Copy of The New World Translation? (Defending the NWT)

Why Was The New World Translation Printed? (Defending the NWT)

How Accurate is the New World Translation? (Defending the NWT)

The New World Translation - a “Remarkably Good” Translation (Pastor Russell)

Why Do The NWT Translators Choose to Remain Anonymous And Are They The Only Ones To Do So? (Defending the NWT)

What Greek text was used for the NWT? How were the textual variations reconciled? (Defending the NWT)

Is the New World Translation the only Bible to phrase John 1:1c as "the Word was A God"? (Defending the NWT)

Should God's name “Jehovah" appear in the New Testament? (Defending the NWT)

Why do Jehovah's Witnesses primarily use the New World Translation Bible? Why not just use the King James Version? (Jehovah's Witnesses Questions and Answers)

Have Jehovah's Witnesses always used the New World Translation Bible? (Jehovah's Witnesses Questions and Answers)

Why are some verses missing in the New World Translation Bible? (Defending the NWT)

Why does the New World Translation sometimes use all capitals for certain words (most often 'YOU' and 'YOUR')? (Jehovah's Witnesses Questions and Answers)

Is the NWT's use of "discreet" appropriate for the NT Greek word 'phronimos'? (Jehovah's Witnesses Questions and Answers)

Are There Other Sites and Pages That Defend The New World Translation? (Defending the NWT)

Sites and Pages in Defense of The New World Translation:

"Jehovah" in The New Testament (Search For Bible Truths)

Should the Name Jehovah Appear in the New Testament? (Watchtower Online Library)

Bible Translation and Study (Bible Translation and Study)

The New World Translation (Pastor Russell)

Critics allege that the New World Translation is biased in its translation of Jeremiah 29:10. Is this true? (Jehovah's Witnesses - Setting the Record Straight)

How Can You Choose a Good Bible Translation? (Watchtower Online Library)

From God's Word

Examining the Trinity

How Theology and Bias affects Bible Translation (How Theology and Bias affects Bible Translation)

In Defense of the New World Translation (In Defense of the New World Translation)

Jehovah's Witnesses - Reasoning From Scripture: Defending The NWT Section (Reasoning From Scripture)

Jehovah's Witnesses Questions and Answers Yahoo Group (Jehovah's Witnesses Questions and Answers)

Jehovah's Witnesses United - Biblical Exegesis Section (Jehovah's Witnesses United)

Search For Bible Truths (Search For Bible Truths)

NWT and Coptic

Coptic Truth

Sahidic Coptic Insight on NT Verses

Defend Jehovah's Witnesses

God's View of Blood

Replies To Criticisms Made By Ankerberg and Weldon:

NWT - Ankerberg and Weldon (Defending the NWT)

Replies to Criticisms Made By Robert M. Bowman Jr.:

BOWNWT (Zechariah 12:10; Adding 'Other'; Other Additions; Words Omitted; Translating 'In'; Only Believe?; Treatment of the word "spirit"; Words for God; ISA. 9:6; JOHN 1:1; JOHN 1:18; JOHN 20:28; ROM. 9:5; HEB. 1:8; 2 PETER 1:1 (and Titus 2:13); 1 JOHN 5:20; ACTS 20:28; (Defending the NWT)

Rom. 10:13 / Joel 2:32 (Jehovah's Witnesses Questions and Answers)

Replies To Criticisms Made By Robert H. Countess:

NWT - B (1 Peter 2:3; 1 Peter 3:15; Zech. 12:10/John 19:37; Sharp's Rule; KERAS SOTERIAS - "a horn of salvation,"; ASIARCHES `the commissioners of festivals and games.'; DIAKONOS "minister"; MONOGENES "onlybegotten"; KOLASIS; PSYCHE "soul"; TASSO; STAUROS ""torture stake"; (Defending the NWT)

Replies to Criticisms Made By Dr. Edgar J. Goodspeed:

NWT - Goodspeed's Criticism (Defending the NWT)

Replies to Criticisms Made By Dr. Julius Mantey:

NWT - Heb. 9:27 - "Once For All Time" (Defending the NWT)

NWT - John 1:1 (Defending the NWT)

NWT - Jn 8:58 - "I AM" (Defending the NWT)

NWT - Kolasis - "Cutting Off" (Defending the NWT)

NWT - Luke 23:43 - Punctuation (Defending the NWT)

Luke 23:43 and the NWT (Jehovah's Witnesses Questions and Answers)

Accuracy of the NWT: "Tombs" - The original Greek word is derived from the verb meaning "to remember" or "to memorialize." (Jehovah's Witnesses Questions and Answers)

NWT - Rev. 3:14 (Defending the NWT)

Replies to Criticisms Made By Walter Martin:

NWT - Analuo ("Releasing") - Phil. 1:21-23 (Defending the NWT)

NWT - Martin: NWT "Misquoting" and "Obvious Misuse" of Mantey's Work (Defending the NWT)

NWT - "Other" at Col. 1:16 (Defending the NWT)

NWT - Parousia ("Presence") (Defending the NWT)

NWT - Pneuma - "Spirit," "Wind," "Breath" (Defending the NWT)

Replies to Criticisms Made By Zondervan's "So Many Versions?":

NWT - "Baptism for Dead" and "Virginity" (Defending the NWT)

NWT - "God/a god" (Defending the NWT)

NWT - "Is" Translated as "Means" (Defending the NWT)

NWT - "Jehovah" in the New Testament (Defending the NWT)

NWT - "[Other]" and Phil. 2:6 (Defending the NWT)

NWT - "Peculiar Translations" (Defending the NWT)

NWT - "Rock-mass"; "Holy Ones"; and "Inspired Expression" (Defending the NWT)

NWT - Sharp's Rule (Defending the NWT)

NWT - SMV Conclusion (Defending the NWT)

NWT - "Too Literal" (Defending the NWT)

NWT - Criticism by Zondervan's So Many Versions? - "Torture Stake" vs. "Cross" (Defending the NWT)

NWT - Weights and Measures (Defending the NWT)

Replies To General Criticisms:


NWT - Jn 17:3 - "Taking in Knowledge" (Defending the NWT)

NWT - Unnamed (Anonymous) Translators and Humility (Defending the NWT)


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