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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Curiosity - Beneficial When Balanced

Concerning our spiritual advancement, 1 Tim. 4:15 encourages us to "Ponder over these things; be absorbed in them, that your advancement may be manifest to all [persons]."

Have you ever seen or read someone express slight irritation toward another person's questions and observations by saying that they are being a little simplistic? But really, shouldn't we truly appreciate those who desire to know more about any or all aspects of things wholesome and righteous? There exists a wide variety of interests in a wide variety of people. Some enjoy pondering different aspects of the Bible at different paces. As long as the curiosity and interest is there, certainly we can be pleased in the fact that those who sincerely ask these questions are making a sincere effort in our shared goal of continually trying to "find the very knowledge of God". (Prov. 2:5)

Curiosity can be very beneficial, but there also exists the need to (like everything else in life) balance it. A highly recommended article that explorers this subject further can be found in the 2/1/87 Watchtower; "Do You Have an Inquiring Mind?", a small excerpt of which can be found below:

"CURIOSITY is a "desire to know." A strong curiosity makes a person eager to learn, to find out about things. Jehovah implanted this eagerness in us, so that almost from the moment of birth we are driven to explore the world about us. Our very existence is a never-ending learning process. If we are to become mature, well-adjusted adults, we need to gratify our curiosity, our desire to find things out.

"This is especially true on a spiritual level. Our prospects for eternal life depend upon our learning about Jehovah God. (John 17:3) The Bible tells us that he wants us to inquire about him, to "grope for him and really find him." (Acts 17:23, 24, 27) If we suppress our curiosity or fail to allow it to develop, our advancement will be very slow. In fact, a lack of interest in spiritual things can be fatal.—Psalm 119:33, 34; Hosea 4:6.


The Need for Balance

"So, like many other things in life, our curiosity can be a blessing or a curse. Properly directed, it can uncover priceless gems of knowledge that bring joy and refreshment. A healthy curiosity about our Creator, his will, and his purposes can be profoundly satisfying and beneficial. An unbridled, morbid curiosity can lure us into a morass of speculation and human theories wherein genuine faith and godly devotion cannot survive. Hence, when your curiosity threatens to lead you into something questionable, "be on your guard that you may not be led away . . . and fall from your own steadfastness."—2 Peter 3:17."


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