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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Astrology - Links to Information

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ASTROLOGY (INDEX; Watchtower Online Library)

ZODIAC (Insight-2 p. 1240; Watchtower Online Library)

Astrology (Search results from the Watchtower Online Library )

Should the Zodiac influence your life? (g00 11/8 pp. 26-27; Watchtower Online Library)

The Bible’s Viewpoint - Do the Stars Affect Your Life? (AWAKE! OCTOBER 2012; JW.ORG)

What is Astrology and is it for Christians? (Search For Bible Truths)

Does Astrology Really Work? Do the Stars Affect Your Life? (Defend Jehovah's Witnesses)

Are zodiac signs wrong? (Search For Bible Truths)

News Article: The Truth About Astrology (

Page that thoroughly examines how Astrology scientifically cannot work and links to more (Bad Astronomy)

Astrology practiced or condoned (Reasoning From Scripture)

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