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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Noah - How Long Did He Preach? Does Not Genesis 6:3 Speak of a 120-year Period?

• Can it be proved Scripturally How Long Noah Preached? Does not Genesis 6:3 speak of a 120-year period?

We must be careful not to read into the Scriptures what they do not say or jump to a conclusion on the basis of one text alone. True, Genesis 6:3 indicates that at a certain time in man’s history God was giving that pre-flood world 120 more years. But it was not at that time that he gave Noah the information and told him to build the ark. How do we know?

Because Genesis 5:32 tells us that after Noah became five hundred years old and the flood was less than a hundred years away he first “became father to Shem, Ham and Japheth.” (NW) And not only that, but when God gave Noah the command to build the ark all these three sons were grown and married, Noah at that time having three daughters-in-law. (Gen. 6:18) By the time all three of his sons grew to manhood and married, according to the custom of those days, no doubt some fifty to sixty years passed. Since most likely his preaching began with his building of the ark it is reasonable to conclude that the length of his preaching was between forty and fifty years and not one hundred and twenty years. 
- 5-15-57 Watchtower;  Questions from Readers

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