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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Addressing the False Claim That Jehovah's Witnesses Avoid Answering Questions

Any claim that [Jehovah's] Witnesses run from any subject or avoid answering questions is just a pipe-dream of those who constantly present ridiculous and absurd lies and misrepresentations. The fact that Witnesses have answered EVERY type of question on this forum proves that [these] claims are incorrect and misrepresent the facts.

While we are not obligated to continue proving what is obvious, most JWs will continue to present evidence to "everyone who demands a reason for our beliefs" (1 Pet. 3:15), depending on how obnoxious the individual is.

To be a Witness, you must talk to people of all religions who will challenge your beliefs and force you to continue to research your own beliefs. After a while, we do begin to see that all claims against what Witnesses believe are consistently dishonest or unscriptural, so many Witnesses will not give these claims more than cursory attention. Once you've proven a dollar bill is genuine do you have to keep proving it to every unreasonable critic? No. You just quickly point out the obvious differences and ignore the aliterate.

Even in our field ministry, most Witnesses will provide an answer to almost any question which someone asks them, even if it was repeated from an apostate source. My *personal* view here is that I choose to answer almost any question because there is an audience who should be able to hear the correct answer even if the questioner is beyond accepting proper reasoning. (The only ones I don't regularly answer are those who are so cowardly that they have blocked me!).

On the other hand, it is the standard practice of [certain] people... to avoid doctrinal subjects which can be proven or disproved by the Bible. This [is] because they realize that we do teach the Bible - so they can only present emotive arguments and biased and false opinions about our practices. When someone questions our current beliefs, they always find that we can provide overwhelmingly sound and logical evidence to support our beliefs from Scripture.

This question only follows the usual pattern of those who cannot defend their beliefs by Scripture or sound arguments. They resort to hypocritical and prejudicial statements.

Ex-Christians want to ask their own disingenuous and slanderous questions in an attempt to prejudice others against Jehovah's Witnesses but they run like scared rabbits when anyone asks them similarly pointed questions.

It is very obvious that ex-JWs avoid questions on their beliefs for several reasons. They are embarrassed of their beliefs. Or they realize it will show that they are not united. Or they realize that if they answer then their beliefs will be disproved by explicit teachings God's Word. Or it will reveal that they make common cause with apostate Christendom. Or they quite simply don't know what they should believe.

Source: This is an Answer given by Bar_Anerges to a question from Yahoo! Answers.

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