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Friday, January 4, 2013

Mosaic Law - Links to Information

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Mosaic Law / Law Covenant - Links to Information (INDEX; Watchtower Online Library)

Mosaic Law (Search Results From the Watchtower Online Library)

Are Christians Under the Mosaic Law? (From God's Word)

Are Christians Required to Observe the Mosaic Law? (Jehovah's Witnesses Questions and Answers)

Were the commands concerning blood only meant for the Mosaic law? Is it applicable to us today? (God's View of Blood)

Jesus said that the law will still stand until the "heavens and earth pass away". They have not passed away". So according to this, why is the law not observed? (Mt. 5:18) (Jehovah's Witnesses Questions and Answers)

Why did the Law forbid boiling a kid in its mother's milk? (Jehovah's Witnesses Questions and Answers)

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